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Model: SNJ 500A-A
Min. Order: 1 Set/Sets
Trade Term: FOB,CIF
Payment Terms: L/C, D/P, T/T
Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
Means of Transport: Ocean
Production Capacity: 500 sets per month
Packing: wooden box or others Delivery Date: 25 days

SNJ-500A-Astyle wireline- intertwist machine

This  machine is mainly used for twisting of multi-strand copper wires,tinned wire,enameled wire,nickel-coated wire and copper wire with aluminum.

1.Technical specifications

a)The max size of wire-receiving wheel (mm): Φ500×314;

b)Cross section of intertwist wire: 1.5mm2;

c)Brass wire diameter(mm):0.08~0.32;Distance of intertwist

d)Distance of intertwist(mm):5.34~40.02;

e)Direction of intertwist "s" for left, "Z" for right.

f)Rotation speed of intertwist bow(adjustable) (r/min):   0~3000;

g)Material of intertwist bow: spring steel belt.

h)The guiding part on intertwist bow: porcelain eye;

i)Electrical dynamo : 5.5 kw SIEMENS, frequency –unvarying speed:HuiChuan inverrer;

j)Electrical dynamo : 4kw MINDONG ELECTRIC CO.,LTD, frequency –unvarying speed: HuiChuan inverrer;

k)wire-receiving stretch force structure: magnetic powder clutch.

l)The up and down structure of wire receiving wheel: manual hydraulic type.

m)Electrical control type: plc (panasonic);

n)Electrical control operation interface: standard electric accessories.

o)Host bearing:Adopting japanese NSK

p)The height of main axis from ground:710.

q)Machine outside shape size(length :2560*1350*1400:

r)Net weight of machine: 2000 Kg

s)Power: 380 V, 50Hz; power

t)Altitude of location site:≤1000m;

u)Environment temperature of location site:≤40℃.

v)inline direction:Machine right into line.

wireline- intertwist machine for copper wires

wireline- intertwist machine for copper wires

SNJ 500A-C
High speed wireline-intertwist machine

High speed wireline-intertwist machine

SNJ 500-A
Double twist machine for multi-strand copper wires

Double twist machine for multi-strand copper wires

SNJ 500-C

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